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This game is a submission for a game jam. Engine used was Unity3D engine. A team-nerd for the Home of the Nerds Game Jam. Since the theme was Dying is Good(for them), your actions will need to kill all the villagers for your own good. Use all spells you have. There are three levels

1- Fireball

2 - Explosion

3 - Sticky Acid

4 - Summon Zombie

Left click to cast selected spells.

Discord - Names - Roles

tochivelez - Chito Aldrin Velez - Artist

jennayey - Jennaleigh Angala - Artist

jvt619 - Melbert Bolocon - Programmer

gypsyJinx - Xavier Exconde - Programmer

adiotunee - Kristoffer Lirazan - Audio

Used BGM:

Theyre-Closing-In_Looping - Eric Matyas

Used SFX:

WomanScream - MaderaDelEste Films

Fireball/MaleScream/Acid/Skeleton - FreeSound

Explosion/MaleThrow - FreeSfx

Click/Loading - Eric Matyas



GfH.7z 21 MB
GfH Source Code.7z 13 MB

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